Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swinging away in his Hammock

Well puppy has been picked up from the pound and is doing really well at T's. He plays well with the other animals (they've got a bajillion) and he is sleeping soundly through the night on his hammock. Yes, you heard me right. His hammock. T decided that with all that hair (he has a lot of it, apparently) he would get too hot at night sleeping directly on the floor so she bought him a hammock. This has got me wondering. If she spoils our dog this much, what the heck is it going to be like when we have kids and she's a grandmother? The thought scares me a little.
In any case, at least he's happy. He's had his frontline and a big ol' flea bath, he gets neutered next Thursday and then he comes home to us the Sunday after that. Of course, in the meantime, we have to get a home for him to come to.
The big move is Friday. I work until 5. The boy works till 4. There are no UHauls left in the entire town. This should be fun.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Here I go

Hello all. Since I had to give up my Mac when I switched jobs, I haven't been blogging at all and that has made me so sad! I decided to re-enter the world of creepy diaries on the interwebz mostly because I want to chronicle a very new and important part of my life. My boy and I are getting a dog! This is a surprising, scary and exciting turn of events and I want to make sure I capture every minute of it.
Surprising, you say? Don't most people plan ahead and know that a dog is coming to them? Wouldn't it be the responsible thing to do to research a responsible breeder or apply to the humane society? How can one be "surprised" by dog ownership. Well it turns out the answer is simple.
Step 1) You get a new place where there is a fenced in backyard and they allow pets.
Step 2) Your boyfriend mentions to his mother that you are thinking about getting a dog and have started researching what it takes to acquire one from the local animal shelter.
Step 3) Your boyfriend and you have a discussion about waiting at least a couple months to get settled in both physically and financially before you get a cute fuzzy friend.
Step 4) Your hopefully-someday-mother-in-law calls her son and tells him that she just rescued a 3 and 1/2 month old puppy of unknown breed or origin from certain death at the kill shelter known as her local pound and is gifting it to you and your beloved.
*Important* This must all be done within a time frame of 3-6 days. We did in 3 just to be on the safe side.
So there you have it. Surprising yourself with a dog in 4 easy steps.
In all seriousness, I am very excited to meet the little pup. I hope to have more information, news and pictures soon.