Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who's a good boy?

Silas hasn't had an accident in a whole week! It's like the most exciting thing ever...
Work is really crazy right now, I have less than 70 days left before the election which makes me nervous and excited and exhausted and relieved and terrified all at the same time. Mostly because part of thinks "holy crap there's so much to do before November!" and the other part of me thinks "thank goodness, maybe I'll be able to sleep a little bit soon" and yet another part of me thinks "ummmmm, I don't have a job starting November 10th and I haven't even thought about looking for one."
So those are the major stresses in my life right now. Not really sure what to do about them.
Last thing: Last night was the first night of the democratic national convention in Denver, and my Senator here in Missouri, Sen. Claire McCaskill spoke towards the end. Her kids, including her daughter Maddie (who I know!!! eeek!!) introduced her. This was the part of the convention I wanted to see. The ONE PART other than Obama's acceptance speech. And guess what? I MISSED IT. I was driving. because I work all the time. Boo. :(

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is The Boy!

Hello fellows in the blog-i-verse. I am filling my end of the bargain about Silas. I chose the name for a few reasons. First, I heard it and I liked it. Second, it is Latin for: Of the Woods, which Old English Sheep dogs are......kinda. Lastly, it sounds cool. The alternative was Seamus. Seamus didn't fit......thus Silas was dubbed so. Well, bed time for the girl, the dog, and the boy. Ciao bellas.

-The Boy

P.S. The Girl is great, just FYI.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Our house was a very very not fine house.

We are officially out of the crazy place that was our former abode. I learned so much, living there. Here is my list.
1) Never move into a house with 7 room-mates. It doesn't matter how big the house is.
One Kitchen + 7 peeps = a bajillion problems.
2) Never live with males unless you a) are related to them or b) are in love with them or c) nope, can't think of a c.
3) Take away any video games that require physical movement immediately...unless you wish to see male room-mates (referenced above) doing Dance Dance Revolution in 12 year old Super Mario boxer shorts, and nothing else.
4) Don't rent from slumlords. Research the landlords before you move in. If they've sued 80% of their previous tenets? Probly a sign you shouldn't trust your shelter to them.
5) Don't let someone else pick out somewhere to live and don't sign a lease without seeing it.
6) Don't sign a lease 6 months before the move in date. Plans can change. So can friendships and relationships.
7) Did I mention the "don't rent from slumlords" rule? Well DON'T.

So, as you can see we had a pretty crappy experience at our last place. All I can say is: TGIO...Thank God it's OVER!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

4 days down....

Around 11-14 years to go.
Having Silas around has been wonderful and exhausting and stressful and calming all at once.
He's only had two accidents, one at my office and one at home this morning. That one was his daddy's fault, because when I left for work he was up and watching the Olympics so I left Silas out roaming around the house. I told the boy that he hadn't gone number two yet. Well, five minutes after I left the boy fell back asleep and woke up two hours later to a...well, "pleasant aroma" wafting from the dining room. Ah well, he'll learn. The boy. Not the dog.
Silas has gotten really messy really fast. I can tell I'm going to be giving lots and lots of doggy baths.
The only other thing that has been a problem/concern with him is his extreme separation anxiety. He of course freaks out when we leave him home alone while we go to work (for now, we're putting him in the guest room with his bed and some toys) but he also freaks out when we're both home but not in the same room. Last night the boy got up to get some water and left me and Silas in the room. Silas immediately began howling and scratching at the door. Nothing I tried would calm him down. It was like I wasn't even there. The same thing happened to the boy when I left for work yesterday. I'm hoping this is just an effect of him being shuffled around for so much of his life and that it is something he will get over as he realizes how quickly we come back.
In other news:
1) Yay! Olympics time! I love love love swimming and gymnastics but I also like some other random sports like water polo and rowing.
2) Guess what? We are STILL not done moving entirely. And our lease at the old place is up in close to 24 hours. It adds to my stress and exhaustion to no end. We are SO CLOSE!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wormy Tummys

Silas had hookworms!
He was at the vet yesterday to get fixed and they discovered them. If he had gone without medication for another week he would be dead! It's all fixed now, thank goodness, and he should be gaining lots of weight in the next few days and weeks. The boy is down with him now, and he comes home this coming Sunday.
I went to Target today and bought him a bunch of stuff, but not nearly as much as I wanted to! I can tell that this is going to get very expensive, very fast.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Someone's praying my Lord...

Kumbaya. That person is me.
I'm not sure how much more of this I can take. We were moving until 4 am this morning. I just got to work and it's 10:15. That means that I got approximately 5 hours of sleep last night. We didn't stop for dinner till 2, which was especially awesome because I had skipped lunch yesterday in order to get stuff done at the office in time to leave by 5. And the best part? We're NOT DONE YET. Not even close. If I had just one day off it would make this a lot easier, but I don't. And that's a fact I'm just going to have to suck up and deal with. I have tomorrow morning off, I don't have to be at the office till around 1 in the afternoon. I'll skip church and finish moving what I can.
I hope Silas doesn't come home to a house that looks like a tornado hit it...
Oh! We named puppy "Silas." Not sure where it came from, I'll have the boy write a post on his reasoning behind it later.