Sunday, October 19, 2008

I want adventure in the great wide, somewhere!

I know it's been awhile. It is likely to be at least 16 days before I write again. The election is almost upon us. I am tired. Bone tired. Burnt out. Wearied. Shattered. My body aches, and worse than that, my heart aches. I feel restless and homesick. I want to be off doing something, enjoying life. Day trips and road trips and shows and family visits. I want an adventure! I know in my head that, as one of my favorite teachers always said, this too shall pass. I just wish it would pick up the pace, you know?
In doggy news, Silas has gotten much better about accidents in the house, but now he has added humping to the list of aggressive/dominating behavior. I read that when a fixed dog tries to get jiggy with it, it's because they want to display that they are dominant. We're working on proving him wrong. One thing that has helped a lot with that and with the nipping thing has been a spray bottle. A little squirt when he displays an undesirable behavior and he stops for a while. Problem is it's hard to keep the spray bottle with us everywhere and it never seems to be within reach when he gets out of hand. So there is no consistency with it, which makes it a moot point. Maybe I should look into getting a holster...

I leave you with this, a picture! Finally, right? My friend Annie came and visited us about a month ago and took one of the only pictures in exsistence of my dear dog. It was raining that day so he's all messy and scraggly...which to be truthful is a pretty accurate depiction of him.


Annie said...

I like the Beauty and the Beast song reference in your title.

And Silas is SO adorable, even if he is a little scraggly (or perhaps more so because of his scraggliness-I think I just made up a word.)

Miss you! come back home soon!

Vintage Junky said...

Wow! I think that sounds great... not really closer to a coast, but everything else. I will put it in zillow tonight to check out the home prices of the older houses. Thanks so much for this suggestion. I am actually going to email my husband and tell him about it right now!

Smiles~ Michelle