Monday, August 18, 2008

Our house was a very very not fine house.

We are officially out of the crazy place that was our former abode. I learned so much, living there. Here is my list.
1) Never move into a house with 7 room-mates. It doesn't matter how big the house is.
One Kitchen + 7 peeps = a bajillion problems.
2) Never live with males unless you a) are related to them or b) are in love with them or c) nope, can't think of a c.
3) Take away any video games that require physical movement immediately...unless you wish to see male room-mates (referenced above) doing Dance Dance Revolution in 12 year old Super Mario boxer shorts, and nothing else.
4) Don't rent from slumlords. Research the landlords before you move in. If they've sued 80% of their previous tenets? Probly a sign you shouldn't trust your shelter to them.
5) Don't let someone else pick out somewhere to live and don't sign a lease without seeing it.
6) Don't sign a lease 6 months before the move in date. Plans can change. So can friendships and relationships.
7) Did I mention the "don't rent from slumlords" rule? Well DON'T.

So, as you can see we had a pretty crappy experience at our last place. All I can say is: TGIO...Thank God it's OVER!!!!!

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