Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who's a good boy?

Silas hasn't had an accident in a whole week! It's like the most exciting thing ever...
Work is really crazy right now, I have less than 70 days left before the election which makes me nervous and excited and exhausted and relieved and terrified all at the same time. Mostly because part of thinks "holy crap there's so much to do before November!" and the other part of me thinks "thank goodness, maybe I'll be able to sleep a little bit soon" and yet another part of me thinks "ummmmm, I don't have a job starting November 10th and I haven't even thought about looking for one."
So those are the major stresses in my life right now. Not really sure what to do about them.
Last thing: Last night was the first night of the democratic national convention in Denver, and my Senator here in Missouri, Sen. Claire McCaskill spoke towards the end. Her kids, including her daughter Maddie (who I know!!! eeek!!) introduced her. This was the part of the convention I wanted to see. The ONE PART other than Obama's acceptance speech. And guess what? I MISSED IT. I was driving. because I work all the time. Boo. :(

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Annie said...

No September posts yet? I'm definitely going to try to keep up with your blog. And once I get over this double ear infection (yes, both ears) and strep throat, through which you and the boy graciously nursed me, I fully intend to post pictures of Silas.

You guys make such a great couple and I really hope you come visit us soon. We bought an Office trivia game and Season 4 on DVD. We need to have an Office double date night. Gros bisoux!